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RoofReno is the evolution of roofing, where old fashioned hard work meets the convenience and efficiency of 21st century technology! We have gone ahead and simplified the sloped re-roofing process for home and building owners. Not only that, we’ve looked at the future needs of both our potential clients and the planet and have introduced solutions to some of the world’s largest growing concerns.


Lucas O'Connor

Chairman and Founder

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Our Foundation

Recognizing the need for change in this industry, we have decided to become the face of that change in the following ways. We take steps to identify properties that are in obvious need of a new roof. We hand deliver a postcard with 8 different roofing system prices specific to the address and a sample of one of the products we endorse. We developed a cost efficient method for accomplishing this and passed the value on to our clients.


Your Roof, RoofReno Advantage

Of all the construction trades, roofing is in a class of its own on account of some of its unique characteristics. Unlike other features of everyone’s home, a sloped roof can be seen by anyone passing by on the street and allows them to recognize when your roof has significantly deteriorated, forcing the expense of a roof replacement on the home’s owner. This is very easy to see without invading the privacy of the landowner; unlike needing new floors or a bathroom or kitchen renovation, which is impossible to know unless you either live in the house,have been invited into the house or have been asked to provide a quote for it. Unlike other home improvements, replacing your roof can not be put off for months or years, there is a sense of urgency since your roof is on the front line when it comes to protecting your most valuable asset, your home. However, this is not enough for some owners and their reasons for holding off on the project can be equally valid. In some neighbourhoods, city by-law will demand that you repair your roof if its gets to be in too bad of shape; this is usually brought to their attention by a neighbour who claims the decaying roof is lowering their property value or somehow affecting them. Not to mention your insurance company requires your roof to be in good standing for your insurance to be valid. Other unique characteristics of the roofing trade include.


Unique Characteristics of the Roofing Trade

The working conditions are both beautiful and dangerous. Lots of fresh air and a great view are the benefits of working at heights, plus the materials are not dusty or gaseous. However, one must take the time and proper training to work safely at heights which is typically where one would find a roof. The abundant generation of waste is a major concern and one that all involved parties should be considering when deciding what products to purchase or sell. t is a global responsibility that we must all begin to play a roll in when choosing what products will end up in landfills or end up being recycled if we are to be smarter with our planet for the next 100 years then we have been for the past 100 years.

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RoofReno has capitalized on all of these characteristics and we are proud to be roofing. We have identified the problem for you, developed a standardized certification required by our installers for each system we sell. We have developed the manufacturing side of our business so that we can present our potential client with eco-friendly choices which are not only going to last longer but also give our clients scores of value at prices they can not find elsewhere. Lastly, we are the only roofing company that can service not only our province or country, but our entire continent via our marriage to technology and our system dedicated to customer satisfaction and efficiency. You never have to worry about us not being here because we have built our company to endure the next 100 years or more. We believe that our strength will lead to RoofReno Ltd becoming the dominant roofing source for everyone’s roofing needs. The sheer volume and efficiency with which we operate will form a rock solid foundation built by virtue of a huge database of satisfied customers and an amassing anchor of financial strength..